To make training content available to as many employees as possible, we are offering on-demand courses when possible. Below are our current online courses. We strive to add more!

Giving and Receiving Feedback Courses with Cyndi Wentland

  • Giving and Receiving Feedback, Part 1

    • Part 1 is all about Foundational Feedback. The focus of the session is on the value of positive feedback mindset, avoiding common pitfalls, and strategies to give feedback effectively. See additional course information here(1 hour, 28 minutes). 
  • Giving and Receiving Feedback, Part 2 - Coming Soon
    • Part 2 covers Intermediate Feedback. The focus of the session is on ways to give feedback up, down, and sideways. Also explored are practices to receive feedback with gratitude and composure. See additional course information here. 

Hope, Optimism, and Connection: Resilient Pathways through Crisis

Join psychologists Jan Stanley and Gloria Park in learning about Hope, Optimism, and Connection. In this course, you'll learn about hope theory, how to use hope to be more resilient, how to identify strategies to be optimistic in challenging times, and how to cultivate high-quality connections and relationships. Navigate to chapters by clicking the circle with lines icon in the lower left (and return to video by clicking the icon again); (1 hour, 28 minutes)

I Feel Safe Series with Tim Mousseau

Please note, these recordings will expire on May 24, 2023.

Individual Development Plan (IDP)

If you're looking for a structured process to create and communicate an action plan, look no further! This min-course introduces a guide to help you develop your IDP. You'll learn how to use this plan to communicate with others to achieve personal and professional goals. (2.5 minutes)

Involving People in Decisions that Impact Them

Making decisions can be one of the most difficult and stressful things leaders do. Involving others can relieve some of that stress as you gain new perspectives. Inclusive leaders make decisions with, not for, those who are impacted. This improves the quality of our work and relationships with each other. This session covers basics of stakeholder mapping and group decision-making. (8 minutes, 29 seconds)

Language Access: Using LanguageLine Solutions

Learn how to connect with an On-Demand interpreter, inclusive practices in working with interpreters, and participate in scenarios to practice learned skills, including communicating with people who use sign languages. Also discussed is the City of Madison’s Language Access Program, services, and compliance requirements.  (1 hour, 31 minutes)

Passive-Aggressive Behavior: Sources and Solutions

Do you interact with people who exhibit passive-aggressive behavior? View this video to learn about why people behave this way and gain strategies and tips about how you can deal with them. While the training was developed for Library staff, it is applicable to anyone. (1 hour)

Public Records for Records Custodians

This training will teach you how to effectively carry out your responsibilities as a records custodian. You will learn how to communicate with requesters and fulfill requests, as well as how to ensure compliance with public records laws and retention policies. 
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Note: Live sessions will be held annually in September as well. Find out about upcoming sessions.

Trauma-Informed Customer Service 

Trauma-Informed Customer Service is offered by the Employee Assistance Program (EAP). This course will equip you with techniques to better handle challenging customers. (45 minutes)

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Note: This course is offered in a live-virtual format as well. Find out about upcoming sessions.

Values-Based Leadership: 4 Principles of Practice

The four principles of Values-Based Leadership help us lean into our values while remaining curious and open tot he values and experiences of others. Through self-reflection, humility and empathy, a balanced perspective, and lifelong learning, we can grow our leadership from any position. This is an excellent course for people at all levels in their leadership journey. See additional course information or register for upcoming live sessions here.  (11 minutes, 32 seconds). 

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