Course Description

This training is intended for folks who would like to learn ways of supporting individuals struggling with thoughts of ending their life. We hope to offer foundational information on suicide risk identification and effective ways of offering support while working toward safety. In this training you will learn about suicide warning signs, protective and risk factors, how to have a conversation about this topic in ways that minimize potential for harm, and how to apply the learning within a workplace setting. This training may cause unintended reactions in participants due to the sensitivity of the content. Please take care of yourself as you navigate this topic. 

Learning Objectives:

  • Increasing awareness about suicide risk signs and factors impacting it

  • Establishing language and ways of communicating with a person experiencing risk that would lead to safety and support

  • Learning approaches to safely supporting individuals experiencing risk in the workplace

Because this course is interactive, we request that you join from a computer or smart device. This course incorporates break-out sessions and we encourage your full participation in the virtual space.