Course Description

Updated, customized training designed to focus on participant's strengths and department's work, with fewer in-class hours. Program focus areas:

  • Coaching: HR provides new supervisors and managers with an Employee Development and Organizational Effectiveness (EDOE) Specialist for management coaching that continues when courses are finished.
  • Customized Learning: Customized and relevant learning for participants based on their strengths.
  • Leadership: Build a strong and high achieving team that produces quality work; learn the skills necessary to manage and lead people.
  • Quality: Invest time to learn how to effectively manage complex situations now so you don't have to learn as you go later.
  • Networking: Managers that complete the program have strong connections and networks citywide.

2017 Program

Sessions are presented by Deborah Biddle (left) and Allison Cooley (right), Performance Development Solutions LLC.

Deborah BiddleAllison Cooley

Program Schedule
August 1–15 One-on-one meetings
August 31 Part 1: Effective & Inclusive Leadership
September 7 Part 2: Effective & Inclusive Leadership
September 15 Leadership Development Conference
September 21 Equity-Focused Project & Process Management
September 26 Leadership & Inclusivity Tools
October 10 Collaboration, Feedback, Communication
October 19 Employee Wellbeing
October 31 Managing Employee Performance
November 8 Managing Change
November 15 Safety & Accommodations
December 7 Moving Forward
December 13 Moving Forward