Course Description

Before we lead others, we must first learn to effectively lead ourselves. For most of us, our personal values guide how we feel and act day-to-day. The four principles of Values-Based Leadership help us lean into our values while remaining curious and open to the values and experiences of others.

Through self-reflection, a balanced perspective, true self-confidence, and genuine humility, we can grow our leadership from any position. This is an excellent course for people at all levels in their leadership journey.

Course Materials:


Note: A significant part of this course is spent in small group discussion in Zoom breakout rooms. You will also need access to the Fillable Learner Workbook during the course. Using a computer, tablet, or at minimum a smartphone is recommended. Phone-only participation is discouraged because it will be difficult to access course materials and interact with others in your small group.

If you are planning to broadcast the course in a conference room for a group, contact the instructor ahead of time for special instructions and activity modifications.