Course Description

The City of Madison’s Women+ Leadership Series is designed to increase representation of women and other marginalized genders in the highest levels of leadership and close the leadership gender gap at the City of Madison by continuing to create a learning and development space that uniquely challenges and supports women and other marginalized genders.

Why the plus (+) in Women+ Leadership Series?

At the City of Madison, we are working on inclusivity in our trainings. We know that marginalized genders such as transgender and cisgender women, as well as all transgender and non-binary people, are underrepresented in our workforce and in leadership positions. With diverse speakers and topics this year, our series offers concrete leadership development skills that can benefit people of all marginalized genders.

In 2020, we recognize and accept the challenge of COVID-19 and our new normal. The new normal is uncertain yet we have decided to pivot and reimagine W+LS. We ask ourselves what it means to lead with courage and vulnerability in spite of uncertainty. We are ask ourselves what it means to connect and create space virtually. We ask ourselves what it means to consider all marginalized genders, including non-binary people, trans women & men, and those who may be questioning their gender.

2020 Series Goals

The Women+ Leadership Series (WLS) will: 

  • Deliver learning and professional development that is responsive to the intersection of people’s identities specifically gender, race, class, sexuality, and ability
  • Promote well-being and a holistic approach to employee development and acknowledge the impact of COVID-19 on participants specifically those who are caretakers
  • Provide practical guidance for participants to navigate their individual leadership development and identify skills needed to advance their careers
  • Grow networks across departments and job type by deepening connections among participants, and create a supportive space for participants to share unique challenges in the workplace

Who Should Attend

Aspiring leaders of marginalized genders who are looking for:

  • Transformation – Understand systemic barriers that hold aspiring leaders back and the tools needed for transformation.
  • Tips and Tools – Receive practical guidance to step into greater leadership.
  • Connection – Engage with a diverse community of women and people of other marginalized genders and learn from shared personal and professional leadership journeys.


City and PHMDC Employees: Free

Members of the Public: Cost TBD

2019 Series

2019 Post Series Report

Thank you to our 2019 inspiring local & national leadership experts: