Course Description

Our Madison – Inclusive, Innovative, & Thriving. When our City performs with excellence, we establish and nurture a culture where all people thrive. The City of Madison recognizes that organizations cannot thrive without fully leveraging the range of talent and qualifications that women bring to the workforce.

The five day Women’s Leadership Series is designed to both increase representation of women in the highest levels of City leadership and to impact overall underrepresentation at all levels of leadership. The series encourages participation of diverse racial, ethnic, and gender identity groups.

2019 Speakers

This year we are honored to host inspiring local leadership experts, including:

  • Sabrina Madison, Heymiss Progress
  • Sagashus Levingston, Infamous Mothers
  • Jordan Bingham, Health & Racial Equity Consultant
  • Brandi Grayson, Grayson Consulting
  • Opal Tomashevska, Spoken Word Poetry Artist
  • Denise Thomas, The Effective Communication Coach
  • Deborah Biddle, The People Company
  • Tania Ibarra, Step Up

We are also excited to be building new relationships with leaders across the nation and beyond, some of which include:

  • Amanda Fernandez, Inclusifyy, Toronto
  • Adia Smith, Organizational Development Specialist and Trainer, Indianapolis
  • Carolina Morgan, CultureSync, Los Angeles

Series Description

The 2019 Women’s Leadership Series will focus on the City’s Vision:

  • Inclusive – How to identify barriers and create a culture where women can lead and succeed.
  • Innovative – How to realize full innovative potential and effectively communicate ideas.
  • Thriving – How to build community and a supportive environment at work.

Who Should Attend

Aspiring leaders who are looking for:

  • Transformation – Understand systemic barriers that hold aspiring women leaders back and the tools needed for transformation.
  • Tips and Tools – Receive practical guidance to step into greater leadership.
  • Connection – Engage with a diverse community of women and learn from shared personal and professional leadership journeys.


Non-City participants: $375 for all five days or $75 per day
Cancellation Policies

2019 Women's Leadership Series

  • Denise Thomas- Best Practices for Networking and Relationships in the Workplace
    Sagashus Levingston- Never Accept No from Someone Not Authorized to Tell you No
    Opal Tomashevska- Spoken word
  • Tania Ibarra- Living in Fulfillment
    Brandi Grayson- How to Use Trauma Informed Care in Leadership Development
  • Jordan Bingham & Jacquelyn Boggess- Working for Equity in the Land of Midwest Nice
    Brandi Grayson- How to Use Trauma Informed Care in Leadership Development
  • Amanda Fernandez- Innovation and Leadership for the New Economy
    Carolina Morgan- Diversity and Inclusion needs of the 21st Century Workforce
  • Adia Smith- Implementing a Learning Culture in Your Organization
    Sabrina Madison- Brilliant Leadership
    Opal Tomashevska- Spoken word​​