Learn tools and techniques to be more successful across multiple areas of management:

  • Managing people and relationships
  • Managing processes and tasks
  • Managing culture and work environments

The webinars also focus on connecting your work with the City’s mission, vision, values, and service promise.

This collection of courses is recommended for anyone who wants to build supervisory and management skills. Whether you are new, looking for a refresher, or want to build skills to move your career forward, these courses can support your goals.

Each webinar is a standalone course and they do not need to be taken together or consecutively.

Venn Diagram with 3 circles labeled Processes, People, and Culture. The center overlap area is labeled "Management."

Watch this page for new courses to be added for 2022! Topics in the series include hiring and interviewing, building a positive safety culture, work planning, and communication.

Instructors include both internal subject matter experts and external facilitators.