The Meriter Metro Bus Pass is available to all Meriter employees and is valid on all Metro buses. Employees ride Metro Transit for free – Meriter covers the cost of each ride.

If you suffer from a temporary or permanent illness or injury that does not allow you to drive or take the bus, the Meriter Metro Bus Pass Program includes paratransit service.

Metro’s paratransit bus will pick you up at your doorstep, deliver you to Meriter, and then transport you home at the end of your shift.

Pick up your pass

  • Passes are available from Guest Services during normal business hours.
  • Employee pays an annual $15 fee to enroll in the program.
  • If you lose your pass, you will be charged an additional $15 fee to replace it.

Conditions of Pass

  • Passes are valid for one year starting on December 1 and ending on November 31 of each year.
  • Passes are valid only while you are employed by Meriter and can only be used for trips to and from work.
  • Passes are not transferable.
  • Pass is subject to confiscation if it is misused.