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Rennebohm Park

Rennebohm Park
Address: 115 N. Eau Claire Ave.
Hours: 4:00am - 10:00pm
Park Type: Community
Acres: 20.12
Restroom: Yes
Drinking Water: Yes

Park Details

Rennebohm Park is located on the west side behind Hilldale Mall.  This park features a large reservable shelter, play equipment with a unique climbing net, free-to-use disc golf basket, and six tennis courts, three with lighting.

The revised Rennebohm Park Master Plan was approved in March 2018. 

The community garden in Rennebohm Park relocated from its original site along Sheboygan Avenue in 2017. Expansion and improvements to the garden were completed in 2018. For more information, visit Sheboygan Community Garden.

Alternate address:  518 North Segoe Road

Park Highlights

Accessible Playground 
people enjoying the inclusive playground

The Jeffrey Erlanger Accessible Playground at Rennebohm Park opened in August 2023. In addition to a fully ramp-connected main play structure with multiple floor-mounted panels (ASL, musical notes, Braille) and lots of opportunity for climbing, balancing and sliding, the new playground at Rennebohm also has a zero-entry inclusive spinner - the "We-Go-Round" manufactured by Landscape Structures, that has both seats and space for those in wheelchairs and other mobility devices to enter/exit and participate without dismounting – it can hold up to 12 kids at a time and users can spin from within using the center handhold or from the outside making for a collaborative side-by-side play experience.   The playground has a 3-bay swing with two adaptive seats in addition to tot and belt seats and the neighborhood-favorite rope climber, informally called "the rocket," is re-installed in the poured-in-place rubber surfacing.

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