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Perspectives from the East High School Officer...

June 12, 2013 3:15 PM

For those of you who don't know me I am Officer Katie and have been on the north side for 13 years working in several different positions.  My current assignment is with the North Community Policing Team (NCPT) however, when the opportunity came to help out at East High School I volunteered to step in as the Educational Resource Officer (ERO).  I have filled in before as the ERO and enjoyed the position, as well felt I had a good working relationship with the staff and students.  In some situations I have known some of the freshman students since they've been babies. Since I began working as the ERO in mid April, there definitely have been peaks and valleys, just as there are in life generally.

In working with the students at East High School  I have seen how lucky Madison is to have these students be a part of our City.  With that said, I think we as adults sometime forget our trials and tribulations as young adults and the times we had reacted in a way that may have not been so adult like ourselves.  The East High students are great kids and have aspirations of continuing to be great adults as they move thru life.  I have been able to hear about their hopes and dreams, I have been able to see their kindness and playfulness (as you can see my attempt to hit the piñata in celebration of Cinco de Mayo) and I  have been invited into their community called East High School.  Not only do we have great students at East High School,  the teachers and staff are compassionate and caring people who are patient and concerned about the welfare of these kids.  They work hard every day to guide the students to better themselves not only as students but as competent citizens of this city.

My time here at East High School has been challenging and rewarding and I have learned a lot by being able to work in this position.  My term here ends when school is dismissed for the summer.  East High School graduation will be on June 14, 2013.  I'm excited for these graduates to tackle life's journeys and wish the best for them all.
Officer Katie and the Pinyata!

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