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North District Blotter

Criminal Damage to Vehicles Alert

August 7, 2013 1:36 PM

During the past few weeks, the Northside of Madison has been experiencing a sudden increase in incidents where vehicles parked on the roadway or in driveways, are damaged, including broken windows, dents and other damage.

In these cases, the suspects are not attempting to steal, and their motive is clearly malicious. These incidents are occurring primarily at night, in the areas west of N. Sherman Avenue and north /west of Warner Park, although there have been similar incidents more widely scattered.

Our officers will be giving the residential areas extra patrol.  Please be extra vigilant, communicate with your neighbors to be on watch, and report any suspicious activity to police.  Our officers have been highly successful in addressing these types of emergent crime trends, but we are at our most effective when residents are vigilant and give us timely notice of suspicious activity.

Take Care and Be Safe...

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