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Welcome Officer Alex!

January 25, 2017 1:07 PM

The North District is pleased to introduce our new Northport/Packers Neighborhood officer, Alexandra Nieves-Reyes.  Alex is already familiar to many of you as she has served as a patrol officer in the North district for several years.  Alex has been the heart and soul of the district and never shies away from any chance to meet our neighbors.  She has been involved in planning countless events over the years.  We anticipate a lot of exciting things in the neighborhood over the next few years.

The following is a short intro from Alex.  Welcome aboard NPO Nieves-Reyes!

Hi, I'm your new neighborhood Officer for Northport, Packers Town Houses and Kipling Drive Neighborhood.  I have been an Officer for the City of Madison for 9 years now.  I look forward to working with the members of the north side communities.  Among many projects, I am looking to get more involved with the north side youth.  However that is not the only thing I want to accomplish, I want to be part of keeping the north side a great place to raise children, and to live. That said, please feel free to share your ideas on how we can make that happen.  I will be available at the Northport Apartment Neighborhood office, 1822 Northport Drive at least once through my work rotation. I am most reliably reachable by email at I can also be reached at 608-577-1267.  I speak both English and Spanish. I'm interested in getting to know you so feel free to contact me. Thank you for the opportunity to serve as your neighborhood officer. Please be safe

Officer Alex visits Eastside Lutheran School


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