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North District Blotter

Photographer Wendy Murkve

November 16, 2017 8:43 AM

The Madison Police Department North District became just a bit brighter this week.  Our office is now home to a beautiful print of a photo taken by photographer Wendy Murkve. Barb Scoville, our North District receptionist had her eye on this particular photo for some time and saw it as very representative of Madison's Northside. Barb was instrumental in helping us acquire the print from the photographer.  The photo captures the novel beauty of architect Kenton Peters' colorful shelter at Warner Park.  Affectionately known as the Crayon Shelter, Wendy's image depicts a beautiful summer day at the park. We are proud to have it in our collection.

This photo was featured in the Madison Parks 2017 calendar.  Wendy's photos were also featured in January and December as well.   The 2018 Madison Parks calendar will also showcase two more examples of Wendy's beautiful photography. Wendy is a longtime Northside resident and is also a city of Madison employee.

The 2018 Madison Parks calendar is available now and can be purchased at the Warner Park Community and Recreation Center or at the downtown office of Madison Parks in the City County Building.  All proceeds go to the Madison Parks Foundation.

Wendy Murkve


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