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North District Blotter

August Call For Service

September 13, 2018 12:28 PM

During August, the Madison Police Department addressed 2,863 incidents in the North District. That is an average of 92 incidents per day.

As a reminder, most incidents are calls for service from citizens.  These calls could be for reports of crime, but could also be for non-criminal occurrences like traffic crashes, civil disputes or parking complaints.  Activities that officers initiate on their own will also account for incidents in these totals - for example, activities like a traffic stop for speeding or some time spent on foot patrol.  Incident titles are created when the call is originated or first received by a dispatcher.  This original title may not always reflect what actually occurred and what is ultimately investigated by the MPD.

Here are the August incidents in the North District by the day of the week:

[August Calls Day of Week

August Calls by Time of Day

August Call Time of Day

August Top 15 Calls for Service


Aug Top 15 Calls

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