Water Quality Reports for Madison Municipal Wells

Well Area Served Neighborhoods
Well 6 Near West
  • University of Wisconsin campus area
  • Regent, Dudgeon-Monroe, Vilas, and Greenbush
Well 7 North, Near East
  • Village of Maple Bluff
  • Sherman, Sheridan Triangle, and Maple Wood
  • Tenney-Lapham and Marquette
Well 8* Near East
  • Schenk-Atwood-Starkweather-Yahara
  • Marquette (east of the Yahara River)
Well 9 East, Southeast
  • Eastmorland, Lake Edge, and Glendale
  • All neighborhoods south of Pflaum Road
Well 11 East
  • Emerson East, Eken Park, Carpenter-Ridgeway, Hawthorne, and Worthington Park
  • Schenk-Atwood-Starkweather-Yahara
  • Marquette (east of the Yahara River)
  • Eastmorland, Mayfair Park, Burke Heights, Rolling Meadows, Hiestand, Elvehjem, and East Buckeye
Well 12 West
  • Sunset Village, Sunset Hills, Radio Park
  • Westmorland, Nakoma, Midvale Heights
  • Glen Oak Hills, Hill Farms, Faircrest
  • Park Ridge, Greentree, Orchard Ridge, Prairie Hills, Meadowood, Glacier Ridge, and Country Grove
  • Summit Woods, Allied Dunn's Marsh, Arbor Hills
Well 13 North
  • West of Packers Avenue, north of Warner Park
  • Berkley Oaks, Sherman, Brentwood Village
Well 14 West
  • Spring Harbor, Glen Oak Hills, Hill Farms
  • Sunset Village, Sunset Hills, Westmorland
  • Regent, Dudgeon-Monroe, Vilas, and Greenbush
  • Village of Shorewood Hills
  • University of Wisconsin campus area
Well 15 East, Northeast Note: This well has been taken out of service.
  • E. Washington corridor (Yahara River to I-90/94)
  • Emerson East, Eken Park, Carpenter-Ridgeway
  • Bluff Acres, Mayfair Park, Westchester Gardens
Well 16 West
  • North of Odana Road between Rosa Road and High Point Road
Well 17* Central
  • Downtown and Capitol areas between Park Street and Blair Street
Well 18 South
  • Park Street-Fish Hatchery Road corridor
  • Vilas, Greenbush, and Bay Creek
Well 19 Near West
  • University of Wisconsin campus
  • State-Langdon and Regent neighborhoods
Well 20 Southwest
  • South of Raymond Road
  • Allied Dunn's Marsh, Nakoma, Arbor Hills
Well 24 Central, Near East
  • Central and Isthmus neighborhoods between Park Street and the Yahara River
Well 25 Far East
  • Ridgewood, Hiestand, Rolling Meadows, Heritage Heights, and Elvehjem
  • McClellan Park, Richmond Hills, Sprecher East
Well 26 Far West
  • West of Gammon Rd, south of Mineral Point Rd
  • Seasonally, most areas west of Rosa Rd
Well 27 Near West
  • South of the University of Wisconsin campus
  • Vilas and Greenbush
Well 28 Far West
  • North of Mineral Point Rd, west of Gammon Rd
Well 29 Far East
  • East of E Washington Ave and Stoughton Rd, north of Commercial Ave
  • Mayfair Park, Burke Heights, Hiestand, Rolling Meadows, High Crossing, and Bluff Acres
Well 30 South
  • East of Park St, south of W. Washington Ave
  • Bridge-Lakepoint, Waunona, Moorland-Rimrock, Highland Manor, Indian Springs, Capitol View Heights, Bram's Addition, and Bay Creek
  • Vilas, Greenbush, and Monona Bay
Well 31 South East
  • Border with the Village of McFarland extending northward to approximately Pflaum Road

* Seasonal well that typically operates during higher demand summer months

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