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This project is part of the City's regular program to re-pave existing paths, selected on the basis of pavement condition and path usage.

This section of the Starkweather Path (along the West Branch of Starkweather Creek) was constructed in the 1990's and was beginning to fail in some locations. This piece of path became much more important in the City's bicycle network with the completion of several projects connecting it to Downtown Madison, including the new bicycle and pedestrian bridge over Aberg Avenue, which opened last year. The existing asphalt is being pulverized and recycled to reinforce the base and a new asphalt surface will be constructed.

The Glenway Path connects to the Southwest Path and serves commuters and recreational riders.  It had deteriorated to very poor condition, diminishing its usefulness for bicycles. It is being completely reconstructed, including base, asphalt pavement and grass shoulders.  New concrete ramps connecting to the street and crosswalks will meet handicapped standards, which the previous ramps did not.

Starkweather Path, Shopko Dr. to Anderson St: 7200 feet
Glenway Path, Southwest Path to Mineral Point Blvd,: 2280 feet

Construction on Glenway Path began around July 20. Constructin on Starkeather path began August 15. All work scheduled to be completed by September 15, 2011.

Construction cost: $270,000

Paths are in progress as of 8-16-11. A signed detour directs riders to E Washington Blvd. to Fair Oaks Avenue  Outbound riders from the Capital City Path may want to use Fair Oaks Avenue as an alternate route.

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Contract Number: 6450

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