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The General Election is November 8th


August 9th Election information:

Turnout numbers are here.

1,833 Outstanding Absentee Ballots

Outstanding Provisional Ballots


Please download and refer to the following brochures for more information:

Voting in the City of Madison

(who can vote, voting absentee, voting by mail, Voter ID)

Voting in the City of Madison

Votaciones en la Ciudad de Madison

Kev Xaiv Tsa Hauv Lub Nroog Madison


Voter ID

(who is exempt, absentee voting, obtaining an ID with or without a birth certificate, DMV info)

Voter ID

Identificación del Votante

Tus Neeg Xaiv Tsa Daim ID

Information for Senior Citizens

Voter ID information for Senior Citizens

Identificación del votante

Información para personas mayores


Working at the polls: Election Officials

Confidential Voters and Voting


Obtaining a free ID for voting Infographic

Guide to obtaining photo ID:

Web page [link]

More information from the DMV about

documentation required to get an ID: [link]

If you do not have documentation required

to get an ID card, the DMV has a process

you can follow: [link]


We have new tabulating machines!

(Ballots will still be on paper)

See voter instructions for the new machines here.

See a voter instruction video here

See Chad Vader use the new machine here


follow the link:  My Vote WI

  • Check the status of your voter registration.
  • Use "Click & Mail" to update your registration (you must print out and bring to the polling place with you).
  • Find the location of the polling place for your residential address.
  • A sample ballot is available on this site close to the time of an election.



  • VOTER LISTS: Can be obtained through the Government Accountability Board at this link:


Apply to be a Poll Worker
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