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Certification Training Dates

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How to Get Certified

The City of Madison has worked with public and private salt applicators and a Dane County advisory team to develop the new voluntary Winter Salt Certification Program, open to everyone in Dane County.

Certification can be for individuals or organizations and lasts 5 years.
(Those who have already taken the training will be certified for 5 years from the date the exam was passed.

Individual Certification

  • Attend a winter maintenance training session (6 hours) - See above for training dates and times
  • Pass a written exam
  • Agree to use practices that reduce impacts on the environment
  • Two types of training: Roads Class for high/low speed snowplow drivers; Parking Lot/Sidewalk Class for those who maintain private/public walkways and/or parking lots and service roads

What You'll Learn

  • Chemistry or salt use
  • Recommended salt application rates
  • How to calculate the amount of salt needed based on weather conditions
  • Technological advancements like brining, new spreading equipment, alternative products

Organizational Certification

  •  30% of salt related staff certified
  • Annual Report
  • Valid for 1 year

Certification Means:

  • Submitted and accepted application that describes current de-icing practices (One application can be submitted for an entire organization OR multiple applications if there are multiples addresses or branches)
  • Hands on equipment calibration training
  • Tracking use of salt per storm
  • Salt savings report – summary & comparative report (must submit each year) to maintain Silver and Gold Level Certification
    • List practices used
    • Describe areas managed (parking lot, sidewalk, streets)
    • Average application rate reporting lb/1000 sf or lb/ lane mile
    • Sharing of lessons learned and/or success stories
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