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New Central District Team Members

March 8, 2019 2:01 PM

Hello all


MPD has now completed our shift change for 2019--and there were a lot of changes in the Central Police District (CPD). 


Please meet the new members of my command team and community policing team!


From Lt Dan Nale--new CPD Patrol Lieutenant (replacing Brian Austin, now Captain of Investigative Services):


I have been with the Madison Police Department since 1998.  I worked patrol for the North and West districts, then spent several years as a charter member of a Community Policing Team before being promoted to Detective.  I was a Detective in the South and West Districts, the Dane County Narcotics Task Force, and then a charter member of the Violent Crime Unit.  After promotion to Detective Sergeant, I was assigned to the Burglary Crime Unit.  I was promoted to Lieutenant in 2018, and before being assigned to the Central District I was the night shift Officer in Charge.


Aside from the roles listed above, I spent time as a Field Training Officer, a member of the Special Events Team, and I was an operator on the Special Weapons and Tactics Team for 12 years.  In addition to my current role in the Central District, I am the Lieutenant of the Crisis Negotiation Team and the back-up Lieutenant for the Officer Involved Critical Incident Team.


I am looking forward to working with the Central District community and stakeholders to make this a great year.  To those whom I have already met, thank you for the warm reception!



From Lt Alex Berkovitz--new CPD Detective Lieutenant (replacing Dave McCaw, now Special Events Lieutenant):


In 2002 I was the afforded the opportunity to serve the City of Madison as a police officer. I spent the better part of the decade working 3rd shift as a patrol officer in South, East, Central and West Districts, as well as one year as a member of the West Community Policing Team. In late 2011 I was promoted to the rank of Sergeant and spent my first year as a supervisor of 3rd detail patrol in the West District. In 2013 and 2014 I was assigned to Professional Standards & Internal Affairs. From 2015 to 2018 I was the supervisor for the Central Community Police Team. And finally, in the beginning of 2019 I was promoted to rank of Lieutenant and assigned to the Central District Detective Bureau. For many years now, I have made the Central District my "home." I am looking forward to continuing to serve the variety of constituents and visitors of downtown Madison for the foreseeable future. Oh, I almost forgot! I am a Chicago Bears fan......Go BEARS!


(As an aside, CPD no longer has a field services Lt--a position last held by now Captain Chaney-Austin--as it was reimagined into the Special Events Coordinator and is now part of Traffic and Emergency Preparedness.)


From our CPT:


Sergeant Zanders:

My name is Harrison Zanders and I am the 2019 Central Community Police Team Sergeant. I was hired by the City of Madison Police Department in May of 2008. Over the previous 11 years, I have worked in the South, North, West and Central Districts. In addition, I spent two and a half years as a Gang Unit officer prior to getting promoted to Sergeant in 2016.


I have also been a field training officer, a background investigator and a member of the community police team. Internally and externally, I have provided trainings on gangs as well as implicit/unconscious bias. I have received degrees in criminal justice as well as sociology. I joined the Central Community Police team to focus on the City of Madison Police Departments core values as well as our mission statement. I look forward to interacting with all members of the community. As a proud member of Phi Beta Sigma fraternity Inc. I believe firmly in the motto "culture for service, and service for humanity."


PO Bruess:

My name is Rick Bruess and I have been with the department since May of 2010. My entire career up to this point was spent on the overnight shift (11pm-7am) in the West, South, and Central districts. When I am not in my regular patrol assignment I help mentor new officers in the academy and also instruct several topics (Firearms, Professional Communications, Tactical Response and OWI).  In addition to training in the academy, I have been a field training officer since 2015.  I came to Madison in 2004 to attend the University of Wisconsin and most of my time in patrol was spent in the Central District.  I am glad to be starting this new assignment with the Central District Community Policing Team.


PO Keys:

My name is Chris Keys and I have been a Madison Police Officer since 2011.  Prior to starting my Law Enforcement career, I attended Winona State University (MN), where I graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Criminal Justice and a Minor in Child Advocacy Studies.  I have spent my career in patrol services in the South, North, and East Districts, working both night shifts.  I have been a member of the Special Weapons and Tactics Team (SWAT) since 2014 and I am currently a member of the Tactical Platoon. I look forward to being a member of the Central District Community Policing Team. 


PO Moeser:

My name is Stuart Moeser and I was hired by the Madison Police Department in May of 2011.  I have worked in patrol services my entire career, including 2nd detail, 4th detail and 5th detail across 4 different districts.  In addition, I am a Pre-Hire Background Investigator, a Recruit Mentor, a Field Training Officer and an OWI Instructor. 


I decided to become a Police Officer because I wanted to be a guardian for our vulnerable populations.  I have twin brothers, both diagnosed with Autism.   I also worked as a Play Therapist for children with Autism.   I wanted to be able to share my experiences and knowledge with the Madison Police Department so we can improve our services towards this population.  I received my Bachelor's Degree in Sociology from UW-Madison, which only fueled my desire for working in Law Enforcement.


PO Conrad:

My name is Jake Conrad and I was hired by the Madison Police Department in May of 2011.  I have worked in patrol services my entire career, including 2nd detail, 4th detail and 5th detail across 3 different districts.  In addition, I am member of the SWAT team, Unmanned Aircraft Systems Team, a Pre-Hire Background


Investigator, a Recruit Mentor, a Field Training Officer and a Firearms, Defensive and Arrest Tactics, Tactical Response, Scenario and Vehicle Contacts Instructor.


I have a bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice from UW Eau Claire. In my time off I enjoy hunting, home improvement projects, sports, working out and spending time with my family.  I'm excited for the opportunity to work on the Community Policing Team here in the Central District. 


PO Martinez:

My name is Jose Martinez and I was hired by the Madison Police Department in May of 2011.  I have worked in patrol services my entire career, including 3rd detail and 5th detail. I am looking forward to working with the Central Community Policing Team and the community.


For photos of our team please go to:

Finally, CPD welcomes a new Mental Health Officer (MHO), Casey Amoroso, who fills the large shoes of newly minted detective Andy Naylor.  Casey is new to the MHO role, but a veteran of Central night shift and is very familiar with our diverse population.


As the Captain of the district, I am excited about our new team members--they bring a potent combination of experience and skills that will serve the community and the district very well.

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