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City of Madison


This website was developed to help those of you who work with Public Works contracts, at any step of the process.  This site will help guide you through the process and give you valuable information.  It also has many of the forms (or links to) that you may need and a list of contact names and numbers of people that you many need to contact at various steps of the process.

We'd like to acknowledge the hard work and contributions to those in IT and those in the Website User Group who made this possible.


  • STEP 1: Planning the Project and Establishing Capital Budget
  • STEP 2: Assign Project/Contract Number
  • STEP 3: Approval of Plans and Specifications
  • STEP 4: Preparing Contract for Bid
  • STEP 5: Contract Out for Bid
  • STEP 6: Award and Execution of Contract
  • STEP 7: Contract Administration
  • STEP 8: Contract Close-Out - Final Payment