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City of Madison

Step 4: preparing contract for bid

A generic ad is placed in the City's newspaper of record every week. This ad covers the requirements for most contracts going out for bid.  Special ads may need to be published if federal or state funding is involved.

If the contract is $100,000 or greater, SBE/DBE/WBE Goals are required.
  • SBE Goal - $100,000 or greater
  • DBE Goal - All USDOT (Federal) funded projects
  • WBE & MBE Goals - all HUD (Housing and Urban Development) funded projects.

Email the proposal with estimated cost to Melissa Gombar and Juan Pablo Torres Meza, Department of Civil Rights, ten (10) calendar days before the AD FOR BID is published. DCR requires the following information to establish the goal:

  • Proposal pages, including quantities, line item cost estimates and total(s)
  • Provide the architect's report, or similar report, that lists work areas, including quantities, cost estimates and total(s). This information should be as detailed as possible to identify specific materials and elements of the project.
  • Electronic spreadsheets or PDF formats are preferred. Melissa or Juan Pablo will email the goal to you.

The Project Manager/Engineer prepares plans & specs.

These should be completed, printed and posted to Bid Express on the day before the AD FOR BID is published.

  • Based on the dollar amount of your contract, you will use one of the boilerplate spec books. 
  • Some of the information provided to the Engineering Division on the contract when the contract number was set up (dates, title, prequal date, receive and open dates) will be verified by Johanna Johnson, (608) 264-9274, via email. Call Johanna Johnson, (608) 264-9274, with questions.
  • We have added a word doc to help you with Special Provisions. Find the category you would like to copy over, click on it and it will drag you to the section you are looking for. Copy and paste into your boilerplate and modify as necessary.
  • For the Engineering Division, route internally for staff review prior to sending to Johanna. Internal routing process identified in M:\DESIGN\C3D\Workflows\Remote Plan Routing
  • Provide digital copies of the proposal, plans, and contract to Engineering, along with the project manager's estimated cost. A digital copy should be emailed to Johanna Johnson, (608) 264-9274, to be placed on Bid Express. Once posted to web, you will be notified to verify that the information is correct. Provide  six (6) unstapled copies to Emil Street for contractor distribution.
  • For plans requiring digital signatures, send a copy of proposal, spens, and plans for review to Christy Bachmann, and CC Johanna Johnson. Title email "planstamp" and attach plan. Note: you must have a digital signature and stamp on file with Christy prior (contact Christy for instructions). After plans are digitally stamped, Christy will replay with a path to plans to a secure PDF that Johanna will upload to BidExpress.
  • The Project Manager/Engineer is responsible for distributing copies to other City agencies or Utilities. An Access database has been created to help you with Public Involvement, Permits and notifications to utilities. You can find this in M/SharedData/PWPlanReviews. Please fill out the Plan Notice and print it/email it along with your contract documents. This helps us notify the proper utilities and other City Staff. If you have specific emails that you would like notified, please include those on the document.


PLEASE NOTE that Federal, State & ARRA projects may have additional requirements and/or certifications that may need to be attached to the contract. Review by City Attorney if needed.