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City of Madison



1. Plans, specifications and plan holder lists are available on Bid Express.

  • Contractors are asked to sign a plan holders list on Bid Express.  The Plan Holders List is maintained by Alane Boutelle at Emil St. It is updated on the Bid Express website on a regular basis.

2. SBE Pre-Bid Meeting

  • Small Business Enterprise Pre-Bid Meetings are not being held in person at this time. Contractors can schedule one-on-one phone calls with Juan Pablo Torres Meza in Affirmative Action.
  • Technical questions about plans and specifications should be forwarded to the project manager/engineer - post answers in addendum.

3. Addendums

  • The Project Manager/Engineer prepares the addendum. The signed addendum along with electronic copies of the plans and/or specs that have changed, should be forwarded to They will post the addendum to the Bid Express for review. The Project Manager shall review and approve the addendum. Once updated on Bid Express, the Engineering Admin staff will notify everyone registered on the Plan Holders List.
  • The ABSOLUTE deadline for issuing an addendum is at NOON ON TUESDAY prior to the Thursday the bids are to be received.

4. Cost Estimates