The process for getting approval to fill a position and starting the recruitment process depends on the type of vacancy.

Permanent and Limited Term (LTE) Vacancies

Complete an electronic requisition in NEOGOV, the City’s applicant tracking system.

The requisition is electronically routed through NEOGOV approvals. It should go to the department’s Human Resources Business Analyst first, then to the Finance Department for budgetary analysis. Finance also works with the Mayor’s Office to obtain authorization to fill the position.

The City’s Occupational Accommodation Specialist receives notification of requisitions as they are created. They review the requisition and determine whether it could be a placement for an injured employee or an employee with a disability. They might stop the recruitment and hiring process if there is potential for a placement. Recruitment and hiring may be stopped at any point in the process if there is potential for a placement.

If an eligibility list exists for a position when a requisition is submitted, the department is required to interview candidates from the current list before a new recruitment will begin.

Once the requisition finally authorized, Human Resources will inform the hiring agency that the recruitment will proceed and assign an HR Business Analyst.

Hourly Positions

Returning employees (Hourly reinstatement)

Individuals who have previously worked for the City of Madison in an hourly capacity may be eligible for “hourly reinstatement.” Hourly reinstatement is when the Hiring Agency brings the hourly employee back in the same capacity within a 24-month period. You would work with your payroll clerk to reinstate the employee in MUNIS. A Personnel Action Form is attached to that MUNIS action. No requisition in NEOGOV is required.

Agencies do not have to use this process to reinstate hourly employee; they can choose not to reinstate and that employee may apply through the recruitment process.

Reinstated employees may have to submit a new I-9 form within three days of their start date if it has been a year since their last I9 verification.

Department of Vocational Rehabilitation Programs

The Department of Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR) has programs that match people who need jobs with agencies that need people. We give them with a list of duties and responsibilities, and they find matches with people who have been out of work, have a disability, or need to learn a new skillset. The process has a quick turnaround and can include an application or interview process or both.

View more information about DVR programs.

New employees (Recruitment)

Complete an electronic requisition in NEOGOV, the City’s applicant tracking system. For hourly positions, you only need to submit a position description or prior job posting and do not need a Request to Fill.

Hourly positions may be filled from existing eligibility lists or they may be posted for recruitment. Depending on the type of position and number of candidates, an examination may be necessary. Random selection may be used in cases of recruitments with large numbers of candidates.

Access the NEOGOV OHC Users Guide for detailed step-by-step instructions. (Requires network login.)