Once a conditional offer has been made and accepted, and all the conditions are met you can complete the hire.

Negotiating the final job offer

Be sure you discuss the terms of the offer and what (if anything) is negotiable with your assigned HR Business Analyst. The negotiable elements of a job offer depend on the position and compensation group, and require authorization by the Human Resources Director.

Setting a start date

All hires must start at the beginning of a payroll period - except hourly hew hires.  They must also be scheduled for a benefits orientation with Human Resources on the first Monday of their employment. Because there are strict enrollment deadlines for new employees to sign up for certain major benefits, departments usually have employees start on a Monday and do their benefits orientation on their first day. This maximizes the time they have for benefits enrollment.

Completing the hire and sending notices in NEOGOV

Rejection notices

Be sure to contact all of the candidates who are still in the process and were not selected. Sending the notices through NEOGOV saves time and maintains a record.

Process the hire

Agencies must process the hire within NEOGOV. The NEOGOV Online Hiring Center User Guide has detailed instructions (network login required). This generates an electronic Personnel Action Form, which includes the start date and compensation group, range, step and salary. This form will automatically go to the assigned HR Business Analyst for final approval.

Send your chosen candidate(s) an official appointment letter. This can be drafted and sent using the template in NEOGOV. The appointment letter should include:

  • Start date
  • Compensation group and salary information
  • Benefits and orientation information
  • Employment verification requirements and I-9 form
    (All employees must submit a completed I-9 form and documentation on their first day of employment. It is against the law for the City to employ anyone who has not submitted this verification within their first three days.)
  • Disability accommodation information, including contact information for the City’s Accommodations Specialist