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Moorland Road Neighborhood Assessment

December 16, 2016 11:35 AM

As part of our 2016 South District goal to "Be engaged with the community", we set out to complete a comprehensive assessment of the Moorland Road neighborhood.  That neighborhood has been without a viable association for a number of years now and communication between property owners, residents and police needed improvement.  Neighborhood Officer Amanda Analla and the entire South CPT – Sgt. Shawn Engel, Officer Mike Barcheski, Officer Steve Magyera, Officer Molly Thomson and Officer Scott Frasier, took this project on and put in an enormous amount of work throughout the year.  They met and worked regularly with a number of committed community residents and stakeholders,  reviewed crime statistics with our crime analysts, completed a thorough qualitative survey (door to door) of the area and ultimately finished the attached report.  This report makes recommendations for each study area and for police staffing in the area.  

This report was presented to residents and stakeholders earlier this week, so I wanted to share it and commend the officers and involved community members for their dedication and hard work on this project.  Great job and thank you!

Link to report:  /police/blog/documents/Moorland%202016.pdf

Pics from the report presentation meeting on Monday:


Moorland 1

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