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Shift Change at the South District

February 14, 2017 9:36 PM

Our annual "shift change" is now a couple of weeks behind us and new officers and detectives are settling in at the South District.  "Shift Change" is an annual event within MPD, where officers and detectives move to their chosen districts and shifts for the year.  We have many returning people for another year at SPD, but there are quite a few new faces too.  We are finishing up the liaison assignments for 2017, so please watch for those in the coming days.

A few weeks ago we were preparing for shift change and held our district in-service training to cover the 2017 goals and objectives with our new staff.  I want to give another huge thanks to the Literacy Network for hosting all 60 officers and detectives for this training day!  Their new location at 701 Dane Street is beautiful and we were excited to learn how we can help connect people in need to their services.  Our officers and detectives also heard from Madison Urban Ministries (MUM) and learned about their innovative programs like Journey Home, Just Bakery and Circles of Support.  The Literacy Network and MUM are just two of the amazing service partners who are almost within arm's reach of the South District Station.  Their efforts keep us energized and focused on finding the best possible outcomes in every contact we have.

We are all looking forward to 2017!

A couple of pictures from our training at the Literacy Network:

spd inservice

spd inservice 2

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