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September 25, 2013 11:32 AM

 The MPD South and Central Districts, along with the UW Madison Police Department, are working together in our efforts to stop and apprehend those responsible for the recent rash of crime in the neighborhoods adjacent to the UW and Edgewood campuses. The South District is currently looking at two additional incidents which have occurred most recently.

Early last Friday morning, 09/20, at 1:40 a.m., a 20 year old Edgewood College female student left a gathering with friends in the 100 block of N Lathrop Street, by herself, and was intending to walk to the Pizza Extreme store on Monroe Street. Upon reaching the intersection of N Lathrop Street and Chadbourne, the female is approached by a b/m, in his 20's, who confronted her with a handgun asking for her property. She proceeded to turn over her Apple I Phone 5, a small amount of cash and purse. The suspect fled the area on foot. A K9 track was attempted but was unsuccessful.

Early Tuesday morning, 09/24, at 3:40 a.m., a husband and wife who live in a home in the 1800 block of Vilas Avenue were awaken when the residential burglar alarm sounded. The wife could hear the sounds of footsteps in the downstairs area and started to holler at the intruders to "get out." Upon turning on the lights and going to the lower, main level, the couple found they had failed to close their garage door before going to bed, and had also left the door leading from the home into the garage area unlocked. The intruder(s) located and stole an older Apple I pad laptop, and an Apple I phone 4.

The Central District over this past weekend has also looking into other similar crimes which have been taken place. South District officers were able to arrest one juvenile recently for the burglary on N Lathrop Street where the students apprehended one of the intruders. It appears at this time we have multiple suspects involved in many of these crimes. However, electronics, particularly Apple products, continue to be the primary target for these crimes.

MPD and UWPD have increased patrol visibility throughout the downtown and immediate neighborhoods adjacent to the UW Madsion and Edgewood campuses. Over the next few days, more efforts will be made to discuss personal safety with students and those in the target neighborhoods. We continue to ask everyone to call 911 if you see suspicious persons or vehicles in your neighborhoods.  

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