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South District

July 10, 2019 12:19 PM

Greetings South District citizens and enthusiasts!!

It is with extreme excitement I join the South Police District as your new Captain.  By way of introduction, I am coming from my position as an Operations Lieutenant from the West District where I was recently promoted to Captain of the South District.  I started my career in the South District and later started my supervisor position as a night-shift Sergeant in our district.  I'm looking forward to leading and serving in the South District.  I will come to your events and meetings to introduce myself and learn from you the important issues facing all of us.  I have been with the Madison Police Department since 2001, where I have held several positions from Patrol Officer, Public Information Officer, Field Training Officer, Patrol and Training Sergeants, Officer In Charge and Operations Lieutenant to now this new role.  Your Officers working in the South District are well-trained, well-educated and are committed to our Core Values.  I look forward to working with all of them for several years.  Please feel free to contact me as issues arise or you when you see the great work Officers are doing out in our District. 


Mike Hanson

Captain-South District

Madison Police Department

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