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'Tis the season

December 4, 2019 8:29 AM

'Tis the Season for family,overeating, charity, gifts, shopping and . . . warming up your cars so they can be stolen. For the third day in a row and many, many days prior to today Madison Police Officers have been responding to innocent citizens simply wanting to go to work, school and appointments and after warming up their car. . . they find it stolen.  For anyone listening on a scanner, they can hear the dispatchers sending Officers to reports of stolen cars, city-wide.  If you choose to warm up your car, please lock it and re-enter with a second set of keys when you are ready to leave.  Those stealing cars are targeting those who warm them up and leave them unlocked.  When Officers arrive to take the report of another stolen auto, they are often met with shock and panic as now the owner will be late to . . . . (fill in the blank).  Not too many people from WI clamor to jump in their cold car to drive to an appointment.  However, your car should feel like a "Florida beach in March" once you actually are driving it for simply 2-3 minutes of "driving while cold". . . and perhaps this will help prevent a lot of our stolen autos.   

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