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Juneteenth Success - THANK YOU

June 22, 2021 2:08 PM

Since Saturday, I have heard from numerous Officers who attended Juneteenth on how great it was to attend.  MPD was invited to be in the parade, grill and mingle in Penn Park.  I felt and witnessed hugs, handshakes and great conversations throughout the time I was in Penn Park.  This was one of the best, recent Juneteenth events in South Madison in years.  Congratulations to all the event organizers on such a great event.  Our commentary back in the district station surround the fact that we "could feel the love", "people wanted to see us and engage with us" and "it was nothing like how it (negative on policing) is portrayed out there".  These are all great, important feelings as we all move forward TOGETHER.  It is so good to return to engaging with the community again as that is MPD's bread & butter.  Thank you South Madison!!

Mike Hanson, Captain 

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