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South District Blotter

South PD New Operations Lieutenant

May 2, 2022 7:37 AM

Today, Lieutenant Justine Harris joins the South Police District as our new Operations Lieutenant.  Lieutenant Harris was promoted to Lieutenant earlier this year and will be replacing newly promoted Captain Kelly Beckett who will now move to the West Police District.  Lieutenant Harris comes to the South Police District with a wealth of experience in her 17 years with the Madison Police Department (MPD). In her tenure with MPD Lieutenant Harris has served as Patrol Officer, Neighborhood Police Officer, Detective and Negotiator on SWAT to name a few of her important roles.  As Operations Lieutenant she will oversee Patrol and Neighborhood Officer resources, along with District planning and problem-solving.  She joins Lieutenant Tracie Jokala, our Detectives Lieutanant who manages Detective case work, problem-solving, community meetings, major calls for service and more.  Lieutenant Jokala has 21 years of police experience with the Madison Police Department.  Lieutenant Jokala was a Patrol Officer, Neighborhood Police Officer, Detective and served in Professional Standards.   Madison is well-served by the men and women who make up the South Police District!

Mike Hanson, Captain

South Police District

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