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June 22, 2022 9:58 AM

Rest in Peace WAYNE STRONG

Wayne Strong, an icon in the South District, recently passed away at 62 years-young.  Wayne was a retired MPD Lieutenant who cherished the South District.  Sadly, this is the second great MPD employee (past and present) to pass in the last month. . . Detective Amanda Analla being first.  Wayne Strong's commitment to the South District went beyond his career in law enforcement.  Wayne led the Southside Raiders for decades as it was one of many commitments he had to the community and our youth.  The Madison community lost a true servant, a kind-hearted gentleman and his family lost a devoted husband, father and grandfather. Wayne's positive energy and personality will be missed.  We mourn the loss of Wayne Strong.  Rest in Peace. 

Mike Hanson, Captain - South Police District


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