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Coffee. . . and MORE with a Cop!!

October 6, 2022 11:40 AM


In our effort to be more encompassing, inclusive and opportunistic, the South Police District in partnership with the Urban League is hosting an evening shift version of "Coffee with a COP". . . and more because there will be treats and other beverages besides coffee.  The public is welcome to meet some of our South Police District staff and enjoy healthy conversations with your Officers.  We will have an event October 18th from 6p-7:30p and November 2nd from 6p-7:30p and we are thankful the Urban League is hosting at their site, 2222 S. Park St.  

We have very involved "Coffee with a Cop" events throughout the city, but those are typically on a weekday morning.  Our goal is to expand these events to more people who might be working during the day; so they can meet Officers after work in the evening.  

No need to sign up, just show up and enjoy yourselves.  Bring a friend!!

Thank you. 

Mike Hanson, Captain South Police District

Madison Police Department

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