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Olin-Turville Free Concert Series

May 5, 2014 2:47 PM

   Once again this year, the MPD South District is happy to be a part of this annual free concert series organized by the Friends of Olin-Turville (FOOT).   A number of years ago, members of the South District Community Policing Team reached out to residents in the Baycreek Neighborhood to rid the Olin-Turville conservancy of open displays of sexual behavior.  Over time, both the frequency by which this behavior now takes place and the reputation of the conservancy has significantly improved.   The Madison Parks Department sought Federal grant dollars and re-invested other funds to help rid the area of invasive species and re-plant grasses and other trees which are native to the area.  Every May, FOOT now organizes this free concert series so that we can proudly show off what a beautiful location the 60 plus acre Olin-Turville conservency really is.

  Please contact the South Police District if you have other questions.  First concert is Tuesday night, May 6th.


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