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Introducing the new South District NRO

April 2, 2015 9:46 AM

     In February, each of the MPD's police district recieved a new "Neighborhood Resource Officer" (NRO) position after being approved in the 2015 City of Madison Operating Budget.  These new NRO position were the vision of Police Chief Mike Koval and were a top priority for MPD in last year's budget process.  The NRO positions operate very similarly to our "Neighborhood Officer" positions.  The exception being that district command staff can use their NRO to support "any" given neighborhood within their respective district.  Below is a brief write up submitted by the new South District NRO Ameilia Levett.

South District NRO Amelia Levett

     Hello MPD South District Neighborhoods !!!  I am the new South District Neighborhood Resource Officer (NRO). This is a newly created position that allows a flexible neighborhood officer in area where there is not a traditional neighborhood officer assigned. I have worked at the Madison Police Department for three years and have been assigned to the South District the entire time. I have worked night and afternoon shifts while assigned as a Patrol Officer. As the NRO for the South District, I usually work afternoon shift but often flex my hours to address various issues as well attend meetings.

    In the South Police district, I am currently focusing on the Burr Oaks Neighborhood, which mainly encompasses W Badger Road, Magnolia Lane, Cypress Way, Catalpa Road, Catalpa Circle and Sequoia Trail. I often collaborate with rental property owners (landlords), neighborhood residents, and business owners to address the problems that arise in the area.

   Currently, I do outreach activities in the neighborhood as well. Every Tuesday, I participate in Chat with a Cop, which is an opportunity for community members to informally talk to an officer. This is an opportunity to ask questions, discuss neighborhood concerns or just chat! Every Tuesday from 10-11 am I am at Centro Hispano and from 11a-12p I am at Goodman Library. Please come out to chat!

   Now that the weather is warmer, I will be out walking or biking in the neighborhood. I also am working with the Fire Department to plan a summer picnic on W Badger Road. Stay tuned through the warmer months for more fun activities!

   Please feel free to contact me by e-mail at or my cell phone at 608-438-2647.


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