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South District Community Happenings - Flower Boxes

April 29, 2015 3:19 PM

On Tuesday, residents of the Parkside Apartment Building and members of the South District Community Police Team joined Triangle Neighborhood Officer Kim Alan in adding flower boxes to the top six floors of the building at 245 S. Park St. This project grew out of the partnership between Neighborhood Ofc. Kim Alan and Community Development Authority Site Manager Sally Jo Spaeni who assisted in arranging for the purchase of the materials for the flower boxes. Residents from the building have signed up to be "Sweet Potato Parents" to the sweet potato vines planted in the boxes for the growing season.

PO Lewis and PO Magyera with residents Charles and Dale
Left to right: Officer Lewis, resident Charles, Officer Magyera, and resident Dale
Pic 2
South CPT officers help plant with residents
Pic 3
Soon, sweet potato plants will grow over the balconies in the center and beautify the building!


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