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FOOT Free Concerts at Olin-Turville Park

May 4, 2015 11:30 AM

   About six or seven years ago, a beautiful wooded area along the shores of Lake Monona became the focus of the South District Community Policing Team.  For decades, the Olin Turville Conservancy was not the most welcoming place to visit.  A segment of the community had decided to take over this beautiful public space for "personal pleasures" far beyond the mere enjoyment of the native natural habitat in this area.  The South CPT and the Baycreek Neighborhood Association joined hands and soon thereafter created the "Friends Of Olin Turville (FOOT)."  This Tuesday night, FOOT kicks off another month long "free" concert series with a double billing.  If you get a chance on some Tuesday night this month, stopped down at 6:00 p.m. for one of the free concerts.  Make sure you make some time, before or after, to take an evening stroll through the Olin Turville woods and enjoy the spring time flowers.

Olin Turvile Park
Olin-Turville Conservancy


2015 FOOT Concert Series
2015 FOOT Free May Concerts @ Olin-Turville Park


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