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Joining Forces for Families Celebrates Community Building

October 28, 2015 1:49 PM

   Last Thursday evening, October 22nd, Dane County Human Services (DCHS) held their annual Joining Forces for Families Celebration at the Goodman Community Center.   Also referred to as the "Annual Academy Awards for Social Work" by long time DCHS Manager Ron Chance, this JFF dinner and recognition event showcases the great work being done by many persons across Dane County to enhance our overall quality of life by helping and supporting families.  The MPD South Police District was honored to be recognized for our collaborative efforts with JFF teams in South Madison, and our recent work in establishing the Dane County Community Restorative Court for 17 - 25 year old offenders.  Below is a photo of JFF Social Worker Ryan Estrella speaking to the audience about the problem solving efforts of South District Neighborhood Officers Mike Alvarez and Amelia Levitt.

   For more information on Joining Forces for Familiies, go to :




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