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South District Blotter


January 30, 2013 4:25 PM

Over this past weekend, the Madison Police Department's South District received several reports of damaged property in and about the Regent Street Neighborhood.  Below is a summary of the incidents reported thus far.  Most of the damage was to car windows which appear to have been shot out by someone with a BB gun or other instrument on late Friday night or early Saturday morning. 

DATE          TIME         CASE#          INCD TYPE                  ADDRESS OF OCCURENCE
01/26/2013 09:27 2013-00023230 Damage to Property BASCOM PL /  CHAMBERLAIN AVE
01/26/2013 11:30 2013-00023325 Damage to Property BASCOM ST /  BASCOM PL
01/26/2013 12:16 2013-00023371 Damage to Property 1900 ARLINGTON PL
01/26/2013 15:17 2013-00023504 Damage to Property 100 N PROSPECT AVE
01/26/2013 17:06 2013-00023625 Damage to Property 1900 ARLINGTON PL
01/26/2013 18:41 2013-00023690 Damage to Property 1700 REGENT ST
01/27/2013 12:37 2013-00024350 Damage to Property 100 N PROSPECT AVE
01/27/2013 14:12 2013-00024433 Damage to Property 300 PRINCETON AVE

If you have damage to report, please call the Madison Police Department's Self Report Unit at 245-3662 or on line at the MPD website Self-Report Form .

   If you have information regarding who may have caused this damage, please call the South Police District during normal business hours at 266-5938 or by e-mailing South District Captain Joe Balles at

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