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REACH-A-Child Visited the South District

March 16, 2016 1:02 PM

Yesterday afternoon, members of the REACH-A-Child organization stopped by the South Police District to deliver "REACH BAGS" filled with books for children in crisis.  Chief Koval was there to accept the generous donation along with members of each police district station.  With this donation, there will now be a "REACH BAG" in every marked MPD squad car. 

The vision of REACH-A-Child is: "The first response is a book to comfort a child-in-crisis". Whether the children are in an automobile accident, victims of domestic disturbances or temporarily homeless, REACH-A-Child wants to help First Responders engage these children in a positive way through the power of a book.

After receiving the donation, Chief Koval joined South District NRO Amelia Levett at the Early Childhood Learning Center to read to some of the children there.  Thank you again to the REACH Staff for this donation!  Our officers will put our "REACH BAGS" to good use and we are certain that the children in crisis we encounter will greatly appreciate these books.

Click here to learn more about REACH-A-Child:

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