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Who should I call?

July 18, 2016 2:47 PM

It is often difficult to determine which agency is the "right" agency to call during times of need.  When you need police, that phone number decision should be easy!  Always use 911 when there is an emergency or a need for police for an event that is happening currently.  When you need police and the issue or problem is not currently occurring or there is no ongoing safety risk, please call the non-emergency number at (608) 255-2345.  Below are a few other numbers that may be helpful.

 In the South District, City Streets (West) should be called at (608) 266-4681 for the following:

  • Refuse and recycling collection
  • Snow plowing
    • This includes sanding & salting – slick spots on city streets. Except County highway handles the Beltline and other county highways. But, when in doubt, let streets know, and they will figure it out.
    • Off-street bike paths are not typically handled by Streets – Engineering and Parks work on those primarily.
    • Streets plow off bus stops that have concrete pads on them – so not all bus stops, just the "improved" ones.
    • Streets maintains the blue sand barrels you will see on some corners that people are to use for traction at those intersections. Streets also stock the public sand locations in the city.
  • Public litter container collection
  • Large item collection
    • Streets can also use this equipment to move obstructions from the street – like say a piano falls out of a truck and blocks a lane of traffic on a city street, Streets can pick that up. If a tree falls and blocks a road, however, that's a different agency (more on that later).
  • Stump removal
  • Brush collection, leaf collection
  • Mowing
    • This one is complicated. Streets only mow some areas. Engineering and Parks also does mowing. If there are complaints about a vision hazard due to some overgrown median, let streets know and they will figure out who is supposed to do it.
  • Sod repair (but usually only when a streets division crew damages the terrace)
  • Pothole repair and curb repair
    • This includes alleys that sometimes need gravel
  • Street sweeping
  • Graffiti removal

Traffic Engineering should be called at (608) 266-4761 for the following:

  • Down street sign or signal
  • Traffic signal not functioning
  • Street lights not functioning

Forestry should be called at (608) 266-4816 for the following:

  • A fallen tree blocking the road or sidewalk
  • A traffic sign obstructed by a tree

Engineering services should be  called  at  (608)  266-4751  for  the following:

  • Deceased animal in the road
  • Storm drain blocked or not functioning
  • Baby ducks or another animal stuck in a storm drain

Water Utility should be called at (608) 266-4651 for the following:

  • Water main break

Dane County Highway Dept should be called at (608) 266-4261 for:

  • Potholes on Beltline or on/off ramps to the Beltline

I hope this "guide" may help in the future.  Stay safe!

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