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First F.O.O.T. concert of 2013 a big success

May 6, 2013 10:49 AM

Thanks to everyone who came out Wednesday night to hear the "Getaway Drivers" at the Friends of Olin Turville's first community concert of the year at the Olin Park Shelter.  A shout out to our friends at WKOW-TV as well for this great story they aired last night at 10:00 p.m. on the event.

Three more concerts yet this month in case you missed last night's.


A few years ago, the South District's Community Policing Team, rolled up their sleeves and went to work trying to eradicate decades of nuisance behaviors from the Olin Turville Conservancy. As part of their highly successful problem solving efforts, they joined up with citizens from the nearby Baycreek neighborhood and developed a multitude of strategies to make this public space safe and open for all to enjoy. Out of those efforts, the "Friends of Olin Turville" or F.O.O.T. was formed. F.O.O.T. is a group of civic minded citizens who came forward and still today continue to be true guardians of the conservancy, the trees, the birds and natural habitat.

Each year in May, F.O.O.T. organizes a spring, evening concert series which are free and open to the public. The concerts are held at the beautiful, Olin Park Shelter. Below is a listing of this year's concert series dates. These concerts have been growing in popularity each year, and the music line up really is fantastic. Best yet, this is all free amidst the back drop of a setting sun over Lake Monona and the Capital skyline. Try and stop out and take in one of this year's concerts. This is a great event and venue for the entire family.

  • Wednesday May 8th @ 6p.m......, The Getaway Drivers
  • Thursday May 16th @ 6p.m........, Cris Plata
  • Thursday May 23rd @,6p.m.......,, The Whiskey Farm
  • Wednesday May 29th @ 6p.m...., Lou and Peter Berryman,

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