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Graffiti Enforcement & Co-Pay Graffiti Removal Program

The City of Madison's Co-Pay Graffiti Removal Program helps residents and businesses remove vandalism as quickly as possible to discourage further graffiti.

How does the program work?

A property owner may contract with the City of Madison for removal of graffiti on his/her property. The cost to the owner of the property will be a $100.00 flat fee per removal and the City of Madison will cover the rest of the contract's costs.


Unless you indicate on the application that no further contact is necessary, the removal contractor will contact the applicant for an appointment the week following the receipt of the completed application by the Inspection Unit. A meeting will be arranged at the property.  (For applications received between November 15 and April 1, contact will be made when the weather becomes consistent with removal techniques.) 



The property owner will need to fill out the Graffiti Removal Application and pay the $100.00 (Check payable to City Treasurer) and submit to:

  • Mail: Graffiti Project, Building Inspection, PO Box 2984, Madison, WI 53701-2984
  • In Person: Building Permit Center, 215 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd., Suite 017. Counter Hours: M-F: 7:30am – 4:30pm (Check, Cash, Master Card or Visa)

Applications will generally be processed on a first come, first served basis (or by lottery if initial response exceeds funding) as long as funds are available for the year. In order for a property to be scheduled for a removal project, both the properly filled out application and the $100.00 fee must have been received by the Building Inspection Unit.


How will the graffiti be removed?

The contractor will remove all graffiti on the property as of the date the removal is done. Additional graffiti incidents occurring at later dates will require a new application for removal and an additional fee.

With all removal procedures graffiti writing will either be traced as closely as possible or a geometric area will be established which will encompass the graffiti. Removal will take place within that area. Edges will be blended as much as possible to make a reasonable transition to untreated areas; however, some "ghosting" may still exist. Some of these procedures will result in an etching or cleaning of the surface. Paint colors and types will be chosen to match the existing as closely as possible.

The following procedures will be used for removal at the contractor's discretion unless the owner requests other specific arrangements at the time of application.

  1. Power water washing
  2. Chemical removal
  3. Sand blasting
  4. Baking soda blasting
  5. Spray painting
  6. Brush or roller painting
Last Updated: 02/15/2021

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