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Appointment Only

Building Inspection is open to the public by appointment only.

For more on appointments and other services, please see the Building Inspection Services page.

Scanners and Price Verification

Hand held scannerScanners are regulated by weights and measures officials under the authority of Chapter 22 of the City of Madison and Chapter 98 of Wis Stats.

Price Discrepancies

It's illegal to post a false quantity or price for the purchase, sale or advertising of any commodity, thing or service.

The price charged by a point of sale (POS) system must equal that advertised or shown.

Price Changes

When an item is going down in price, you must reduce the price in the POS system first. Then you can reduce it in ads, shelf tags or display placards. When an item goes up in price, you must increase the price in the ads, shelf tags or display placards first. Then you can increase it in the POS system.

People must never pay more for an item than what you advertise or display.


If you charge a customer more than the price you advertise or show, you must refund them the difference. If you charge a customer less than what you advertise, the customer pays the lesser of the two.

In all cases stores must permanently correct the error.

Price Matching

We recommend starting a self-inspection program. This program will compare the prices you advertise and display with checkout prices.

Make sure to place and remove price change signs on time. Post price reduction signs in the right locations for the right products. Monitor products moved to wrong locations by customers.

For stocking shelves, train staff to check tags with product descriptions or barcodes. Remove shelf tags if out-of-stock products are stocked with something else.

Customer Right of Refund

Price Discrepancy in accordance with Ch. 98By law, if you use an electronic scanner in your store, you must display refund signage (see sample signage). If overcharge a customer, they have a right to a refund of the difference. Obvious and visible signage includes large signs readable from all checkout locations. It can also include individual signs at each register or service counter.

Outside Vendors

The store is accountable for all pricing errors, even ones entered by outside vendors.

Track vendor price changes to ensure accuracy and timeliness.

Last Updated: 08/31/2021

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Weights & Measures

Sample signage to comply with 98.08 posting required:


Price Discrepancies

In accordance with Ch. 98, Wis. Stats. "should the electronic scanner price be higher than the posted or advertised price, the customer shall at least be refunded the difference."

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