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Registration of Abandoned Residential Property in Foreclosure

On June 4, 2013, the Common Council passed a Madison General Ordinance 27.10.  The purpose of this section is to establish an abandoned residential property registration program and to regulate the maintenance of abandoned residential properties by parties asserting a collateral or other legal or equitable interest in the property. This section is intended to reduce and prevent neighborhood blight and to maintain residential property values and assessments.

Minimum Housing and Property Maintenance Code is a minimum standard that all housing must meet. Some of the items the Property Maintenance Inspectors handle include:

The Housing Inspectors' duties include the items listed above and also include all aspects of building maintenance and requirements, such as:

  • Peeling paint
  • Deteriorated porches
  • Siding, chimneys and roofs
  • Broken windows and damaged doors
  • Plumbing and electrical violations
  • Inadequate heat
  • Broken locks on doors and windows
  • Holes in walls
  • Deteriorated floor coverings
  • Missing and defective smoke alarms.

Want to learn more? Download the Exterior Property Enforcement Guide (PDF)

Last Updated: 07/05/2016

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