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Appointment Only

Building Inspection is open to the public by appointment only.

For more on appointments and other services, please see the Building Inspection Services page.

Building Moving Permit Procedures

Moving a building is a complex process that involves many agencies. If you're thinking about moving a building, please contact our office at (608) 265-4551 to find out more.

Last Updated: 11/11/2022

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  • Building Inspection, (608) 266-4551, ext. 4
  • FAX: (608) 266-6522

Translation Services

Call us at (608) 266-4551 if you need

  • an interpreter
  • translation
  • documents in other formats
  • other accommodations

Llámanos al (608) 266-4551 si necesitas

  • un intérprete
  • una traducción
  • documentos en otros formatos
  • otras adaptaciones

Hu xovtooj rau peb tim (608) 266-4551 yog koj xav tau

  • tus neeg txhais lus Hmoob
  • ntawv txhais ua lus Hmoob
  • dcov ntaub ntawv hloov ua lwm yam hom ntawv
  • lwm yam kev pabcuam