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June 2018 Update.

The organics pilot program is coming to an end.

Those who have signed up for the email list will have received additional information regarding the pilot's end.  All participants will also receive notification in the mail in the coming days.

In short, the pilot is ending because the material we collect in the program today is incompatible with the processing options available to us.

While the pilot is ending, this is not the end of food scrap recycling in Madison. Food scrap recycling remains a critical component of sustainability and solid waste goals. The pilot taught us many useful lessons we will deploy when an opportunity to try this important program again becomes available.



These businesses may be able to offer food waste composting at your home for a collection fee:

Commercial entities may consider contacting the businesses above or inquire with Sanimax to see if they can offer food scrap/organics services to your business.

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