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The Streets Division has saltwater brine for sale to use for winter maintenance.



For the winter of 2019/2020, there will be a minimum charge of $25 for brine, and that will include 50 gallons of brine.

After the first 50 gallons, additional brine will cost $0.30 per gallon.

Components of Salt Brine:

The salt brine product available from the Streets Division is a solution of sodium chloride (NaCl) dissolved in water.

Concentration shall be 23.3% salt by weight plus or minus 0.6%.

Available Hours and Location:

Available for pick up at 1501 W. Badger Road from 7:30 am to 2:00 pm, Monday through Friday.

Equipment Requirements

Customers must have vented tanks equipped with a 1-1/2” male cam & groove or camlock-style coupling.

No other type of container or tank will be filled.

Cam & grove and camlock couplings are available at most farm centers, contractor supply, hardware stores and online retailers for $5 - $10.                                                      

Large Volumes

If you are planning to pick up more than 1,000 gallons, call ahead to confirm an adequate supply is available.



Questions about the product or filling your equipment contact:

John Blotz - Streets West Shop

(608) 267-4956


West side Streets Division office

(608) 266-4681


Want to know more about using brine in the winter and how that helps decrease the amount of salt used in the winter?