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Credit Card Skimmers

gas pumpSkimmer use on the rise

Reports from around the country show more use of credit card skimmers on gas pumps. Weights and Measures inspectors have set a program to watch for illegal activity.

Yearly, we license and inspect gas pumps in the City of Madison for accuracy. We check the dispenser's internal parts for security seals. At that time we look for skimming devices attached to the credit card reader. Now we are also doing random checks throughout the year.

Protect your customers

Keep an eye on your pumps. If you see strange activity near a pump, have the pump checked for skimmers.

Have all upper cabinet locks keyed to a unique key, for use only at that place. Whoever uses the key signs a log book. That person must then return it. An exclusive key must be available at the station. The owner or corporate office must keep a copy.

Use tamper-resistant pressure seals. These would break if someone opens the upper cabinet. You will need a seal replacement policy, seals with serial numbers, and good documentation. If a seal is tampered with, a designated employee(s) would check the device for a skimmer, then replace the seal. The employee(s) would need training on skimmer identification. The station must also maintain a stock of seals. Keep in mind, anyone can buy pressure seals online.


For more on finding skimmers 

For more on the Michigan skimmer thefts:


Types of skimmers

credit card skimmer

credit card skimmer





bluetooth skimmer



Last Updated: 08/31/2021

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