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Appointment Only

Building Inspection is open to the public by appointment only.

For more on appointments and other services, please see the Building Inspection Services page.

Eligible Addresses

An address is eligible for rent abatement when an owner fails to fix code violations by the due date(s). We set these due dates in the Official Notice. Former tenants are eligible for rent abatement if you lived at the dwelling between now and the first inspection.

If you are eligible, provide us with your rent information within 30 days of the mailed date. Call (608) 266-9017 and ask for the rent abatement clerk.




2322 Allied Dr, Madison WI 53711

1, 2, 3, 4


2326 Allied Dr, Madison WI 53711

1, 2, 3, 4


518 W Lakeside St, Madison WI 53715



6810 Milwaukee St, Madison WI 53718



2026 McKenna Blvd. Madison WI 53711

1, 2


504 W Mifflin St, Madison WI 53703

1, 2, 3


532 W Mifflin St, Madison WI 53703

1, 2



Pre-process details

When inspectors find code violations, they issue an Official Notice. The notice gives the property owner a deadline by which to correct the items. After the deadline, uncorrected items marked with an asterisk are abatable.


Abatement process

If the items are incomplete by the deadline, Building Inspection will issue a default RA award to the tenant. If we have complainant information, we will contact the tenant for their rent amount. Otherwise, we will send a letter to the site address asking the tenant to contact us. Tenants must contact us within 30 days of the mail date.


To calculate the default award amount, we use the rent amount and the highest percentage of the relevant ordinance. The RA default start date is the date of our first inspection. Once we have that information, we will mail the tenant a default award document.

Tenants can petition for abatement to start earlier than our first inspection. You will need to provide evidence at a hearing. In some cases, tenants can ask for a higher award percentage than the ordinance lays out. Tenants may also petition to receive RA for items that were not marked as abateable. A tenant may schedule a hearing within 30 days of the default award mail date.

Tenants cannot collect RA if they caused, or refused reasonable entry to fix, the issues. Housing providers can contest the award amount or its validity by setting up a hearing. They have 30 days from the date of RA notice letter to schedule a hearing.


Housing Providers have 30 days of the default award mail date to contest the award.


See MGO Chapter 32.04 for details.



Tenants have a right to call Building Inspection and collect rent abatement. Housing providers may not retaliate against a tenant for exercising their rights. See our website for more information.

Last Updated: 05/23/2023

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Rent Abatement Clerk

  • (608) 266-4551, ask for the Rent Abatement Clerk